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Die Jeug maak n verskil

PROCARE is sedert Julie 2015 betrokke by die Koue Bokkeveld Opleidingsentrum en werk nou saam met die Opleidingsentrum om n verskil te maak op plase in Ceres , Wolseley, Tulbagh en die Koue Bokkeveld area. 

In September 2016 het PROCARE se maatskaplike werker, Annamart n inligitng sessie vir die jeug aangebied op Dankbaar plaas. 

Die inligting sessies is baie positief ontvang deur die jeug.

Disability Awareness Day at Barloworld Equipment, Isando

PROCARE was privileged to participate in the Disability Awareness Day  that was held at Barloworld Equipment Isando this month.  The Speakers who represented the Various Disability groups – were very inspirational. There was a positivity and enthusiasm for life that commanded such respect in us all. There was also some discussion about “Invisible Disabilities“ – like Autism, Bi-polar, Anxiety and Depression- and that enabled more people to identify with the notion of disability.

Our counsellor, Hanli Raath informed the participants of the emotional support offered by PROCARE and participants also had the opportunity to engage with her on a one on one basis.

We would like to thank everyone who made the beautiful event possible.


Wellness Day at MQA

PROCARE in collaboration with Santerno Health hosted a Wellness day at MQA earlier this month.

Participants had the opportunity to do General Health Risk Assessments, TB Testing and Voluntary HIV Testing and Counselling.

The day was well received by all and we thank the Mining Qualifications Authority for the opportunity.

Vroue Dag by La Plaissante

Op La Plaissante in die Wes-Kaap is n Vrouedag gereel deur PROCARE en is deur al die vroue van lL Plaissante bygewoon. 

Die dag het gefokus op bemagtiging van vroue deur die verskaffing van inligting onder andere oor gesinsgeweld en interpersoonlike verhoudinge.

Die tema van die dag was “ Be the sunflower” en die vroue het aktief saamgewerk aan n muurbehangsel. 

Almal het die dag terdee geniet.

DGB Wellness Days

PROCARE is trots daarop dat ons betrokke te kon wees by DGB se “Wellness days”  Die dae is uitgerol by DBG Wellington asook by die Boschendal en Franshoek eenhede van DGB 

Die personeel kon hul stres laat toets en daar is ook gefokus op gesondheid deur HIV Toetsing/ neem van bloeddruk/TB toeste asook suikertoetse 

Werknemers het die Wellness dae positief ontvang en hul dank uitgespeek teenoor DGB en PROCARE vir die inisiatief.


Articles on motivation and on how to get motivated.

Self-motivation poster 2016

Motivation is the power that activates the engine of success, and moves you to act and do things.

Click on the headings to read full articles.

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Dare, Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Only people who dare, try, and persevere, complete tasks and achieve success. It is so comfortable to be passive, make no effort, and stick to the familiar…

By Remez Sasson

What really happens to you when you experience a hijacking

Most times it is the smell that makes it traumatic for the victim to move beyond…

VICTIMS of hijackings and car thefts suffer the same symptoms and go through the same level of trauma as people who are exposed to a war zone or natural disaster.

According to the SA Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often suffer panic attacks, resulting from the extreme fear they felt during the traumatic event. During an attack their throats tighten, while their breathing and heart rate increase, making them feel nauseous and dizzy.

If untreated, PTSD is often the gateway to depression, substance abuse and even suicide. Yet many who go through hijackings question the severity of their symptoms.

The emotional damage is subtle but undeniably traumatic in nature.

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De Wet Mouton from Tracker deals with victims of vehicle crime every day. “Emotions play a huge role after an unfortunate hijacking or vehicle theft.

Scientific studies show that our brains are traumatically rewired during and after trauma. PTSD sufferers’ thoughts and experiences are processed vastly differently to those without. The slightest trigger can cause a ‘fight or flight’ response that cannot be controlled.

Adrenaline surges through the body at inappropriate times, such as someone accidentally dropping a box. What would normally cause a simple startle reaction instead causes a person to react in a much more visceral way. This is known as hyper-arousal and is a major symptom.

Mouton continues, “Most times it is the smell that makes it traumatic for the victim to move beyond. In some cases the perpetrator has died in the car.”

This is a common by-product of a traumatic incident. SADAG’s Cassey Chambers confirms, “When victims are exposed to places, smells, sounds, or people that remind them of the trauma, or when they have memories or flashbacks of the incident, they often have panic attacks.”

While not every crime will lead to PTSD, it is essential not to brush off the seriousness of potential consequences. Getting appropriate counselling and giving the trauma time to heal is essential, as well as having plans in place that cater for those things that we might not always think of or want to deal with.

Financial Wellness across the Tracker Group

A rollout of the Financial Wellness Lifeskills programme recently started at Tracker offices around the country.  Cape Town, Centurion and Darrenwood staff were able to attend scheduled sessions at the branches on basic Financial Planning; Financial Challenges and Tips for improving their situations.

Attendees responses included:

“Very informative – valuable lessons learnt. My time was well spent, it was worth-it. and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 10 over 10 – well done!”

I have learnt a lot and thanks for everything. I will be implementing all that information given for bettering my future, debt-free”

“Insightful and eye-opening session.  I want to put al the knowledge into practice.”

“Awesome topic. It is simple and easy to understand, practice and take home.”

“Learnt a lot from these financial wellness.  Planning to use these in my daily life and implement it to the whole family.”

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