Financial Wellness across the Tracker Group

A rollout of the Financial Wellness Lifeskills programme recently started at Tracker offices around the country.  Cape Town, Centurion and Darrenwood staff were able to attend scheduled sessions at the branches on basic Financial Planning; Financial Challenges and Tips for improving their situations.

Attendees responses included:

“Very informative – valuable lessons learnt. My time was well spent, it was worth-it. and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 10 over 10 – well done!”

I have learnt a lot and thanks for everything. I will be implementing all that information given for bettering my future, debt-free”

“Insightful and eye-opening session.  I want to put al the knowledge into practice.”

“Awesome topic. It is simple and easy to understand, practice and take home.”

“Learnt a lot from these financial wellness.  Planning to use these in my daily life and implement it to the whole family.”

#financial wellness #employee wellness #tracker


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