DSC05076 In August, PROCADSC05090RE Wellness Manager, Ayesha Malagas, spent a week at the P&G plant in Spartan providing the staff with info sessions on Financial Wellness.  The talk covered important Life skills around Financial Challenges, Financial Planning and Managing Debt.

The interactive sessions were engaging and much laughs were had along the lines of establishing whether something was a need or a want.

The question is “Do I need it or do I want it?” and NOT “Do I want to need it?”.

The feedback received was very positive although some would have liked the 2 hour sessions to be extended.

Individual sessions will be rolled out in the coming month to assist those staff members who are currently facing financial challenges or just wish to assess their personal status.DSC05078

P&G management value their staff members and want to make sure that they are all financially savvy to be able to approach the future as debt-free as possible.

Should your company or school be interested in inviting PROCARE to run a similar programme, please contact us at 0861 776 2273 or email us at


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